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What We Do

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We provide you with the proper equipment to fill and/or seal your specific container, whether it be: cups, trays, cans, jars, tubs, canisters
or bottles

We can handle your specific hot or cold fill product, such as: juice drinks, milk, jello, flan, rice pudding, ice cream, chocolate, caramel, pudding, tiered desserts, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, cheese, salsa, salads, Meals on Wheels, condiments, hummus, dips, soups, fruit, apple sauce, baby food, cheese puffs, snack foods, candy, granola, cereal, nuts, cookie dough, alcohol, bikini wax, wood putty, hardware and saline solution for the medical field.

We also build: conveyors, accumulators and off-loaders

We also offer: rebuilding, retrofitting, reverse engineering, a local full service machine shop

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We want you to feel that you have made the right decision in choosing us for your project. Our customers enjoy dependable production for many years, even when running continuously shift after shift. The stainless steel construction with wash down components works reliably even in the most grueling environment. We stand behind our products 100%, and offer a 1 year warranty after installation. We support our equipment even beyond that and technical support is always available if any problem should ever arise.

All of our equipment meets and exceeds all USDA and FDA specifications.